Activators, Primers and Ancillary Products

We launched our line of activators, primers and ancillary products to be able to meet very specific needs, yet still be used in a wide range of industrial needs. Krylex® activators, for instant adhesives and anaerobic products, are designed to accelerate the curing speed; best uses include cold or dry environments or passive substrates. Krylex® primers are for use on “low surface energy” plastics to enable Krylex® cyanoacrylate adhesive to bond to the surface by increasing the surface energy. Enables the bonding of difficult to bond plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene and silicone rubber. 

Krylex® Instant Adhesive Activator - KAIA

Krylex® Anaerobic Adhesive Activator - KAAA

Krylex® Cleaner, De-Bonder - KCDB

Krylex® Polyolefin Primer – KPP

Krylex® Cleaner, Degreaser – KCD

Instant Adhesives
(Superglue / Cyanoacrylate)

The Krylex® range includes instant adhesives (“super glues”) that create strong bonds with rubber, metal, ceramic, wood, and plastic. The Krylex® range includes specialist grades such as Rubber‐Toughened a more flexible and impact resistant adhesive, High‐Temperature Resistant for use in constant operating temperatures up to 105°C and Low‐Odor/Low‐Bloom formulations which are ideal for use in confined areas. A range of superglue activators and surface primers are available to enable the bonding of plastics, such as PTFE, polythene, and polypropylene.

Krylex® Instant Adhesive Activator - KAIA

Krylex® Instant Adhesive Remover - KIAR

Krylex® Polyolefin Primer - KPP

Krylex® Instant Adhesive Availability

Krylex® Form-In-Place Gasket Makers

Designed primarily for use on aluminum, iron and steel flanged mating surfaces. Ideal for on-the-spot and emergency repairs, or when a conventional gasket is unavailable. With gap filling capability, the products cure to a solvent-resistant seal that will not tear or decay during service. Parts disassemble easily, even after extended service. Old gasket material can be removed in minutes with a simple putty knife.

Krylex® Removable F-I-P Gasket Maker - KRGM

Krylex® Flange Seal F-I-P Gasket Maker - KFSGM

Krylex® Medium Strength F-I-P Gasket Maker - KMSGM

Krylex® High Temp F-I-P Gasket Maker - KHTGM

Krylex® Retaining Compounds

Krylex® Performance Retaining Compounds are designed to bond non-threaded, cylindrical, assemblies by filling the voids between close fitting parts. These retaining compounds harden to create a solid, one-piece assembly. Retaining Compounds can be used to lock keyways, secure splines, augment press fits, and strengthen interference fits. They are used to prevent wear on new components, or to restore the fit to worn or out-of-tolerance parts. Retaining Compounds seal joints against leakage and prevent fretting and corrosion. Formulated in a variety of viscosities, strength characteristics, gap-filling abilities, and temperature ranges, Krylex® Retaining Compounds can solve even the most difficult of retaining applications.

Krylex® Bearing Mount Retaining Compuound - KBMRC

Krylex® Press Fit Retaining Compound - KPFRC

Krylex® High Retaining Compound - KHSRC

Krylex® High Temp Retaining Compound - KHTRC

Krylex® Thread Sealants

Krylex® Thread Sealants secure and seal metal pipes and fittings. By filling the space between the tapered threads of metal parts, thread sealants prevent leakage caused by vibration loosening, tape shredding, solvent evaporation, damaged threads, and temperature cycling. Designed for both high and low pressure applications, thread sealants seal instantly for on-line low pressure testing. When fully cured, they seal to the burst strength of most piping systems. The high lubrication properties of Krylex® thread sealants facilitates assembly and prevents galling of the threads. For system repairs, parts may be disassembled with normal hand tools.

Krylex® Controlled Strength Thread Sealant - KCSTS

Krylex® Adjustable Pipe Sealants - KAPS

Krylex® High Temp Pipe Sealant - KHTPS

Krylex® Hydraulic/Pneumatic Thread Sealant - KHPTS

Krylex® Threadlockers

Krylex® Liquid Threadlockers are superior to conventional lock washers, nylon inserts and other mechanical locking devices because they secure the entire fastener assembly against loosening from shock and vibration. This ensures that clamping forces are maintained. Threadlockers also seal the threads against leakage to prevent rust and corrosion. Available in a variety of strengths and service temperature ranges, liquid threadlockers remain the most reliable way to lock and seal threaded fasteners of all shapes and sizes, either before or after assembly.

Krylex® ScrewLock Threadlocker - KSLTL

Krylex® NutLock Threadlocker - KNLTL

Krylex® NutLock-SI Threadlocker - KNLSITL

Krylex® BoltLock Threadlocker - KBLTL

Krylex® StudLock Threadlocker - KSTLTL

Krylex® Heavy Duty Threadlocker - KHDTL

Krylex® High Temp Threadlocker - KHTTL

Krylex® Wicking Grade Threadlocker - KWGTL

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