LiquidSkin® Home

The perfect addition to your first aid kit

This product is great to keep in your purse, medicine cabinet, or glove compartment. Ideal for minor cuts and scrapes, it’s the perfect addition to any first aid kit and always The Better Bandage™. Suitable for use on children.


LiquidSkin® Tech

The best bandage for the touch hands.

You never know when you will need extra protection around grease or dirt. LiquidSkin® Tech is the best solution for keeping water and infection out of your cuts or scrapes that come from living an active and tough life.

LiquidSkin® Sport

First aid for every athlete.

With school sports on the horizon, the best way to keep away blisters and protect wounds with a strong, waterproof, sweatproof seal, LiquidSkin® Sport is the best choice.


LiquidSkin® Pro

Throw it in your toolbox.

Contractors are among the toughest guys in the world. What better to protect your tough skin than with LiquidSkin® Pro, which is great for cracks, scrapes, abrasions, and blisters.