Project Glues


KwikFix® adhesives are high performance super glues that bond faster and stronger adhering to any surface better and tighter than other brands. Our Kwikfix® is available in liquid or gel. Our innovative and patented applicators, including pin‐in‐cap, brush‐on‐cap and precision pen meet the needs and preferences of consumers.

Our top‐quality KwikFix® line includes a multi‐purpose adhesive that works on many surfaces, such as wood, fabric, brick, canvas, and concrete. In need of a strong nut and bolt locker? Look no further than our Professional Strength Thread Locker; It will satisfy your locking and sealing needs while protecting threads from rust and corrosion.


Greenhouse™ glues are great for crafting, projects and fixes while still being friendly on the environment. At Chemence, we’re experts in creating the highest-quality super glues and professional adhesives on the market; Our Greenhouse™ Glues are no exception. This eco-friendly line of glues offers the same bonding strength in a solvent-free formula and recycled packaging. 

Chemence ensures that all Greenhouse™ product lines are manufactured using the safest raw materials and best manufacturing methods, such as reducing materials, streamlining processes, reusing or even manufacturing our own packaging when possible. Our Greenhouse™ line takes our eco-conscious efforts to a higher level by removing any trace amount of solvent from our ingredient list. As experts in professional adhesives and sealants, we continually look for ways to provide the best possible products, and Greenhouse™ is a great example of our commitment to our customers, the industry and sustainability. Greenhouse™ Glues bonds wood, paper, leather, rubber, china, metal, pottery, fabric and most plastics.

Krylex® Consumer

With a dedicated team of renown R&D Chemists, our Krylex® Products were developed to provide consistent performance and durability in a wide‐range of viscosities. Krylex® is manufactured in the US and in the UK and can be found in major Retail Centers.

The Krylex® line includes instant adhesives (“super glues”) that create strong bonds with rubber, metal, ceramic, wood, and plastic. Krylex® grades also include Rubber‐Toughened, High‐Temperature Resistant, and Low‐Odor/Low‐Bloom varieties. Hard to bond plastics, such as PTFE, polythene, and polypropylene, can be bonded using the Krylex range of primers and activators.

Krylex® Hammer Tite

Krylex® Hammer Tite is our ultimate project glue. If you need to save on time and materials, then this is the adhesive product for you. Not only will Krylex® Hammer Tite bond in 10 seconds, but it has a large variety of uses, such as model projects, craft projects and building or repairing furniture. It can also be used on a myriad of materials, including wood, glass, ceramic, plastic and cloth.

Chemence specifically‐engineered this unique product to bond wood in 10 seconds. This is a gamechanger for your next wood project as this strong, durable, long‐lasting bond requires no clamping or mixing. Woodworkers will be happy to know that it is sandable, paintable and provides a higher PSI than the leading competitive products. Just Spray it…Glue it…Done!